Choosing The Best Humidifier For Babies 

If you want to pick the best humidifier for you baby, you to know what features to look for, the trusted brands, and of course the reason why it's necessary to have a humidifier for your baby. The pediatrician might have recommended it or have explained the benefits. But here's a simple fact: the humidifier is made to put moisture back into the air because you don't want your baby to suffer from air that's too dry. 

Say for example, you run your central heater during winter, what you do is take all of the moisture out of the air. That will make humidity drop by 10% or more. This means that you don't necessarily have to wait until your baby gets sick before getting a humidifier. It can, in fact, serve as a preventive measure and minimize the chances of your baby getting ill altogether. You may want to check out these humidifier for baby reviews. 

What Are The Benefits  Of Humidifiers For Babies 

By putting moisture back to the air, you are able to relieve your baby from several symptoms such as common cold, congestion and throat irritation. Water vapor that the humidifier secretes helps loosen and soften mucus that might be stuck in their nose or throat. It also aids in their recovery from said symptoms. 

In addition, humidifiers are good for your baby's skin, eyes, and lips. In fact, it's also good for adults like you. 

The rhythm humidifiers make also makes it easy for babies to sleep. Not always the case, but most parents notice that their babies get better sleeping patterns with a humidifier around. Also take a look at this best double jogging stroller. 

There are just some of the health-related advantages of using a humidifier. 

So What To Consider When Buying A Baby Humidifier? 

It might be a little confusing when it's your first time to buy a baby humidifier since there are tons of brands and models to choose from. There are also tons of website reviews about baby humidifiers online.  But here's  a couple of things you need to consider: 

Warm Mist versus Cool Mist Humidifiers 

Cool mist humidifiers, as the term suggest, don't heat the mists up. So the vapor that comes out of the humidifier is cold. A couple of reasons why you need a cool mist humidifier: air is being too hot that it's damaging to your baby's throat, or that warmth burns your baby's skin.

On the other hand, warm mist is not always good for your baby. It emits heat which can be detrimental to the baby when they come in contact. Remember that the humidifier is usually placed close to the crib and in an unfortunate event of spilling, injury occur. 

Moreover, it's good to note that cool mist humidifiers are cheaper. 

Humidifiers or Vaporizers? 

Do you really need a humidifier or a vaporizer would do? A humidifier uses water to form mist and convert the dry air in your home into moist air making it more suitable for babies.  On the other hand, a vaporizer boils water to build up steam and then releases the steam into the room. 

They do the same job, but the vaporizer being hot, if it comes in contact with your baby can cause serious injury.